Empowering Women Socially and Economically

Making access to Financial Services Possible through MicroFinance

Improving Slum Environment

Empowering Urban Poor for Accessing Basic Amenities and Entitlements

Director’s Message

Fountain of Development Research and Action (FODRA) is inspired by the principle of solidarity and subsidiarity by standing up for the poor to promote a fair society and trust in the people’s own strength and capabilities. The vision, mission and activities of FODRA are based on these principles and moved by its strong belief strength and dignity of every human being, irrespective of religion, belief, sex and age.

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Whats New

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Who are we?

Fountain of Development Research & Action (FODRA) is an ideologically, politically and religiously independent non-governmental organisation committed to promoting and undertaking actions for sustainable development among people living in poverty. It has resolved to take side with the marginalized by expressing solidarity and subsidiarity. FODRA’s inspiration for solidarity with poor strengthens it to stand up for the poor and promote a fair society. The subsidiarity derives from trust in people’s own strength. Hence it is committed to create conditions to foster and strengthen participatory development among these vulnerable groups.

More About Us

Professional Capabilities

In 1994, Fountain of Development Research and Action(FODRA) was formed by a group od social workers associated with grassroots programme implementation with a immediate mandate of providing professional consultancy support services to NGOs and development agencies. Read More

Programme Achievements

Fountain of Development Research and action (FODRA) has been successful in implementing its grassroots programmes through participation based development approaches and strategies. Read More