Director’s Message

A Few Words From Director

Fountain of Development Research and Action (FODRA) is inspired by the principle of solidarity and subsidiarity by standing up for the poor to promote a fair society and trust in the people’s own strength and capabilities respectively. The vision, mission and activities of FODRA are based on these principles and moved by its strong belief strength and dignity of every human being, irrespective of religion, belief, sex and age.

Since its transformation from development support consultancy group to a grassroots non-profit social organization, it has been targeting the poor living in slum and unauthorized settlements in Delhi. Because, out of Delhi’s population ( as of now of about 25 millions), more than 30 percent( 8 millions plus ) are reported to be living in informal/unauthorized settlements including make-shift arrangements with fear of eviction and no minimum access to basic services and facilities. Besides suffering chronic poverty, exploitation and social discrimination, a vast majority continues to be excluded from the benefits made available by the welfare state. This exclusion appears to disproportionately high among women. Hence, FODRA has resolved to take-side with the poor women by promoting and escorting them to cope with struggle to combat poverty and inequality – at the same time reaching out others to addressing immediate issues effecting the families and communities using participatory development tools.

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