Professional Capabilities

In 1994, Fountain of Development Research and Action(FODRA) was formed by a group of social workers having extensive expertise in paticipatory grassroots programme implementation with a immediate mandate of providing professional consultancy support services to NGOs and development agencies. The members of FODRA continued providing their expert services in different projects till it decided to work at grassroots through directly implementing programmes and projects. During 1994- 2000, the following were some of the projects/assignments handed by FODRA team for NGOs, government projects and development agencies :

  1. Microcredit Management Workshop for Credit Linkage for Employment Generation among 27 Uttarakhand based NGOs for Small Industries Development Bank of India(SIDBI). 1997
  2. Microcredit Management for Rural Enterprise Development Workshop among 20 regional(North) NGOs for National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD). August 21-22, 1997.

  3. National Microcredit Development Workshop among 25 NGOs/donor agencies from all over India in for Small Industries Development Bank of India(SIDBI). January 20-21, 1997.
  4. Microcredit and Micro Enterprise Development among poor women in 118 villages of Matura district(Uttar Pradesh) through promotion and development of more than 80 self help groups in different villages leading to microcredit linkage and micro enterprise development. This is the joint project of NIRPHAD, a local NGO and FODRA with a long-term strategic partnership alliance for the sustainable implementation of the project funded by SIMAVI(The Netherlands). 1995 to 2001
  5. Entrepreneurship Development among Women, Adolescent girls and Youths of Delhi/Tigri slum for MAMTA(a local NGO) to implement its entrepreneurship development project funded by AusAID, Australian High Commission through establishing community skill centres, micro enterprise management training, enterprise development escorting services. 1997 to 1998
  6. Enterprise management capacity building of 150 women producers in Kumaon region, Uttarakhand – assignment funded by MAHILA HAAT , Delhi and NORAD, New Delhi – to design strategies and strengthening the enterprise management skills of the women producers. 1997
  7. Micro Enterprise Development among poor rural women in self help groups(SHGs) in Aligarh District for U.P Land Development Corporation(UPLDC) under World Bank/IFAD funded Sodic Land Reclamation. Co-consultant to develop a module/approach on rural entrepreneurship and micro credit management for UPLDC to replicate the micro enterprise strategy and approach in other districts of Uttar Pradesh. 1996 to 1997.
  8. Community friendly Management Information System on self help group(microcredit) accounting and record keeping for U.P Land Development Corporation(UPLDC) under World Bank/IFAD funded Sodic Land Reclamation to enable the women of self help groups in maintaining their records with less external support. 1997 to 1997
  9. Assessment Report on “Wool Craft as an Economic Alternative among Women of Uttarakhand” – to access the present status and reasons for declining trends. The study was funded by Mahila Haat, Delhi and Fried-rich Ebert Stiftung, Delhi.
  10. ”Village-wise Techno-Economic Survey and Haat(Rural Weekly Market) study” in 15 districts of Uttar Pradesh for U.P Land Development Corporation(UPLDC) under World Bank/IFAD funded Sodic Land Reclamation. Co-Consultant to design the framework & coverage of the study and its field test in two/three districts – to identify village-wise available skill and natural resources, entrepreneurial menu card on feasible income generating activities and their marketability in nearby haat and demand-supply analysis of different haats to promote rural enterprises using locally available resources. 1996 to 1997
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