Development Focus

Development Approach

FODRA believes in Time Bound People Centered Development approach with a clear withdrawal strategy by focusing on integrated development of a target population and community. With this approach it pre-plans a tentative exit plan, so that the target groups are empowered and strengthened adequately over the period to take care of their own development procFodra Delhiess after withdrawal by FODRA. So that FODRA could be in a position to start working with another vulnerable population.

Hence the focus of FODRA has been to create an enabling self-help situation from promoting participatory development where the underprivileged have successfully established access to governance/management of available resources while enhancing capabilities in finding socio-economic solutions to their problems. Strategically, every intervention focuses around endorsement of community based peoples’ organizations and their capacity building to proceed as these peoples’ organizations and capacity building to proceed as these peoples’ organizations to address social problems/imbalances in addition to fundamental economic issues. Since the vicious cycle of marginalization, ignorance has been resulting in being continually ignored these sections of population from the appropriate allocation of basic services, effort of FODRA vestiges towards enabling the poor to play a multi facet role by organizing and strengthening them with respect to their ability to influences their circumstances.

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