About Us

Vision, Mission and Goals

Since it inception, FODRA has resolved to take side with the marginalized by expressing solidarity and subsidiarity. FODRA’s inspiration for solidarity with poor strengthens it to stand up for the poor and promote a fair society. The subsidiarity derives from trust in people’s own strength. Hence it is committed to create conditions to foster and strengthen participatory development among these vulnerable groups. FODRA believes that there is tremendous potential among the underprivileged sections of the society. Hence, it plans, initiates and supports “the development process which creates wide range of opportunities for the poor to develop their doormat skills and explain the self help possibilities into concrete action plans and whereby more and more poor achieve flourishing quality of life or well being”.

Vision Statement

The vision, mission and goal of FODRA are based on its strong belief in strength and dignity of every human being, irrespective of religion, belief, sex and age. FODRA is committed to support and undertake all possible actions to bolster the capabilities of its beneficiaries and involve them in their own development process to see

“A vibrant, resilient and self sustaining neighborhood where individuals, families and communities can prosper, with opportunities for better living standards”.

Mission Statement

FODRA is concerned with the critical issues responsible for the present dangerous imbalance, inequality and poverty in which the most press socio-economic needs of poor people are being neglected and where their immense potential is not being utilized. In order to address the critical issue affecting the lives of poor, FODRA is committed to

“Create the conditions to foster and strengthen participatory development among the underprivileged” living in sub-standard conditions by all appropriate means without any religious prejudices”.

Organisation Goal

The overall goal of FODRA is to promote sustainable development among the underprivileged which consist following objectives :

  1. Financial inclusion and economic stability through microfinance service;
  2. Skill development and up-gradation especially among poor women and youth to create economic opportunities and improve scope for employment;
  3. Vital neighborhoods and communities through strong peoples’ organisation, with safe and affordable health care, improved housing and better access to public services including sanitation; Community participation in local governance for problem identification and analysis, finding solutions through effective leadership, decision-making, risk sharing and self-management.
  4. Empowered and informed community with better schooling support system for children and education opportunities for adults;
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